What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101
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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

Growing up as an avid reader and having a love for writing, I spent a lot of time learning about my favorite novels and how they were written. The book publishing industry fascinated me, so I learned everything that I could about how it worked. Whether you've always wanted to know how your favorite stories went from concept to counter sales or you are interested in the fundamentals of publishing, this site will give you some insight. I built this blog to showcase the information I've learned over the years and hopefully help to foster a love for literature and novels in others.


What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

  • Santa Stories For Little Ones: Idea Starters To Get You Writing

    12 November 2019

    Christmas is coming. Little children are excited. Big kids are excited too. They love the stories of Christmas, and many kids love hearing about Santa Claus. For little ones who can finally talk and listen to stories without running around a room, this is the perfect season and year to introduce some of the folklore and magical tales of the season. A Santa Claus children's book is a good start. While there are plenty of these storybooks available, you may want to write and publish your own.

  • 5 Great Types Of Books To Read This Summer

    19 September 2019

    One of the most classic summer pastimes is working one's way through a summer reading list. Many people become acquainted with a summer reading list because they had a teacher assign a summer reading list, or maybe their library had a summer reading list challenge that they could complete as a child. One of the joys of growing up is that you are in control of your summer reading list. You can create your own must-have reading list for the summer.