What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101
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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

Growing up as an avid reader and having a love for writing, I spent a lot of time learning about my favorite novels and how they were written. The book publishing industry fascinated me, so I learned everything that I could about how it worked. Whether you've always wanted to know how your favorite stories went from concept to counter sales or you are interested in the fundamentals of publishing, this site will give you some insight. I built this blog to showcase the information I've learned over the years and hopefully help to foster a love for literature and novels in others.


What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

  • Five Unique Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

    14 December 2018

    Do you have someone in your life who absolutely loves food and perhaps even refers to themselves as a "foodie"? Buying a gift for such a person is not hard -- there are countless cooking gadgets and artisan foods available at plenty of stores. However, your favorite foodie probably already has enough high-end knives and non-stick pans to suit their fancy. What they will appreciate more is a truly unique gift, such as one of the following:

  • Topics To Consider When Writing Your Paper On Shakespeare

    19 June 2018

    If you are someone who is in school and are in a class where you are have to write a paper about Shakespeare, then you need to pick out a good topic. And that can be very difficult if you consider that Shakespeare is perhaps the most studied and written about author in all of the world. However, think of it another way. There is so much academic material written about Shakespeare that you have a wealth of reference material to assist you with your paper.

  • Teach Your Class About Equestrian Sports

    23 April 2018

    If you are an elementary school history teacher and you will be introducing some information to them about a variety of accomplishments that sportsmen and women have achieved with the aid of horses, assign a project that includes reading a novel or true story and presenting a book report and visual aid to the class. Present Information About Equestrian Sports During one of your history classes, present information about equestrian sports.

  • Fun Ways To Get Your Teenager Intersted In History

    10 January 2018

    Face it, history can be rather dry and boring if your only exposure is through a textbook. That is why so many people who remember high school don't have the fondest memories of history class; which is a shame because history can be one of the most exciting areas to learn about. The problem is that a textbook, which is how most teenagers learn about history, is not the most engaging way to discuss the subject, nor is it the best way to make history come to life.