What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101
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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

Santa Stories For Little Ones: Idea Starters To Get You Writing

Joel Cruz

Christmas is coming. Little children are excited. Big kids are excited too. They love the stories of Christmas, and many kids love hearing about Santa Claus. For little ones who can finally talk and listen to stories without running around a room, this is the perfect season and year to introduce some of the folklore and magical tales of the season. A Santa Claus children's book is a good start. While there are plenty of these storybooks available, you may want to write and publish your own. Here are some idea starters to get you writing your own holiday tale about the legendary Santa Claus.

A Touch and Feel Board Book

Children as young as a year old will enjoy a story where they can touch and feel objects on the page. One idea for this kind of story is a Santa Claus beard book with a cutout space in the middle of the book. This space can be covered by a piece of fake, snow-white fur which is the focus of the story. Children can touch and "pet" this area all the way through the story, and it is incorporated into the tale regardless of what is happening on each set of pages. 

A Picture and Rhyme Book

Three-year-olds are beginning to recognize letters and small words. They learn faster from books that teach them to read using rhyming words. Your Santa story could have simple, two-line rhyming stanzas that describe something going on with Santa. Make it fun, make it funny, and the little ones will love it. 

A Little More Reading, a Little Less Pictures

As preschoolers approach kindergarten age, they should be reading more words and require fewer pictures. If you want to write a book for this age group, pictures should be on every other page (or less), and lines of print can be up to single basic paragraphs. How you craft the story is up to you since it can be a retelling of many of the Santa stories already in existence or an original story that appeals to children with humor, problem-solving skills, math, etc.

Elementary School Santa Stories

These stories should have a lot more print and significantly fewer illustrations so that kids this age are using their imaginations more. Try to create original stories about the famous bearded man and his magic sack of toys; otherwise, these kids will lose interest quickly. Consider publishing the story digitally since many kids this age already have their own digital readers and tablets.