What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101
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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

5 Great Types Of Books To Read This Summer

Joel Cruz

One of the most classic summer pastimes is working one's way through a summer reading list. Many people become acquainted with a summer reading list because they had a teacher assign a summer reading list, or maybe their library had a summer reading list challenge that they could complete as a child. One of the joys of growing up is that you are in control of your summer reading list. You can create your own must-have reading list for the summer. Here are a few genres you should include on your summer reading list.  

Classic Friendship Story

Every summer reading list needs a classic friendship story. The friendship story could be about a boy and his dog, or it could be about a group of young kids, or about older women coming together and celebrating their friendship. Every summer reading list should have a story that reminds you that all the important relationships in your life need not be romantic.  

Historical Fiction

There should always be some space on your summer reading list for going back in time. Historical fiction can be so fascinating, not least because the authors have taken the time to research and recreate the past in an interesting manner. Read and experience what it may have been like to live in the past this summer.  

Modern Romance 

There is also always a place for a good romantic novel on a summer reading list. Sometimes, it can be nice to indulge in a nice romantic fantasy, where you are able to imagine the character's voices and experiences in your own mind. Look for a modern summer romance novel to add to your list.  

Great Suspense Story

Next, you need a good suspense story on your list, one that will leave you trying to read as you cook dinner or squeeze in just a few more pages before bed. A good suspense story leaves you thinking about it even when you are not reading. Find a suspense novel that you could read in one sitting just because you want to find out what happens in the end.  

Self-Improvement Book

Finally, add a self-improvement book to your summer reading list. This doesn't have to be a traditional self-help book. Instead, choose a book that will help you improve as a person. Perhaps you want to learn more about the art of French cooking; if so, grab a book on the history of French cooking. Or maybe you want to learn how to take great pictures, so pick up a book on photography. Choose a book that is about a topic that you want to learn about and that will help you feel a little more well-rounded as an individual.  

No summer is complete without a little summer reading. This summer, explore various genres of stories as you enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Look into buying something like a historical fiction book about a topic that interests you today.