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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

Five Unique Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

Joel Cruz

Do you have someone in your life who absolutely loves food and perhaps even refers to themselves as a "foodie"? Buying a gift for such a person is not hard -- there are countless cooking gadgets and artisan foods available at plenty of stores. However, your favorite foodie probably already has enough high-end knives and non-stick pans to suit their fancy. What they will appreciate more is a truly unique gift, such as one of the following:

1. A Book About Food Safety

Cookbooks are pervasive, and your friend probably has a whole collection. What they may not have, however, is a book about food safety. It's easy to forget about food safety when you're focusing on creating dishes with the best ingredients and most nuanced flavors. Plus, if your friend watches a lot of cooking shows, they may not be seeing the best examples of safe food-handling practices as performed by celebrity chefs! All it takes is one instance of cross-contamination, and everyone your friend cooks for could become seriously ill with E. coli or salmonella. Giving them a food safety book is a good way to return their focus to this often-neglected aspect of cooking.

Look for a food safety book that is as interesting as it is factual. One that presents the material with a lot of infographics and pictures is a good bet, since these embellishments help hold the reader's attention.

2. A Candy Thermometer

Anyone who cooks regularly will have a probe-style thermometer that they can use to measure the temperature of meats. However, this type of thermometer typically only goes up to 200 degrees or so. It won't be able to register the higher temperatures needed to make candy. Candy-making is not as popular as baking or cooking, so it might be something your foodie friend has not yet experimented with. By giving them a candy thermometer, you're supplying them with the only real piece of unique equipment they really need to get started. Ask them for a sample of the first candy they make as a "thank you!"

3. Gourmet Salts

It's amazing the difference the type of salt makes in a dish. There are several types of kosher salt, sea salt, and even smoked salts. Your foodie friend will love experimenting with them in almost anything they cook. You could buy them specialty salts from an array of countries, such as seaweed-sourced salt from Japan, salt from the mineral deposits in the Himalayas, and smoked salts from southern U.S. companies.

4. Cooking Class Gift Certificates

One of the reasons cooking is so fun is that there's always something new to learn. These days, you can learn a lot just by watching videos online, so that's probably where your foodie friend prefers to turn for information. But there's something special about learning to cook during in-person classes. Look for a cooking school in your area, and give your friend a gift certificate. It's best if they are able to choose the class to attend on their own -- this way, they can expand their knowledge of breads, cooking with beer, vegan cooking, and so forth based on their own perceived needs.

5. Copper Pans

Many foodies prefer to cook in either cast iron or stainless steel, since these materials offer consistent cooking and are also fairly affordable. They probably long, however, to cook in copper. Copper is considered a really high-end pan material. It holds heat better and transfers heat quickly, too. Your friend will love a copper pot because it will last for the rest of their lifetime.

With the gifts above, you can make an excellent impression on your foodie friend.