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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

Topics To Consider When Writing Your Paper On Shakespeare

Joel Cruz

If you are someone who is in school and are in a class where you are have to write a paper about Shakespeare, then you need to pick out a good topic. And that can be very difficult if you consider that Shakespeare is perhaps the most studied and written about author in all of the world. However, think of it another way. There is so much academic material written about Shakespeare that you have a wealth of reference material to assist you with your paper. So, you should really look at it as a fantastic situation. That said, you might still like to get some general ideas about how to attack the paper and which angle might be most interesting to you. So, here are three vastly different topics that you can use as a jump start.

The Psychology Of The Characters

One of the most used approaches to study Shakespeare is to use the lens of psychology. Surely anyone who has studied Hamlet has come across the Freudian approach, which deals with Hamlet's Oedipal complex. However, it is not just Hamlet that can be examined using psychology, and you do not have to limit your approach to Freud, either. For instance, Othello's jealousy and paranoia are fertile for psychology analysis, as is Lear's narcissism and, of course, the intense relationship of Romeo and Juliet is a classic text that should be examined using a psychological approach. Understanding the motivation of the characters and how their internal desires manifest the external actions in the play is a fantastic topic.

Gender And Identity

Another interesting topic would be the way in which Shakespeare uses gender and identity. Whether it is Rosalind masquerading as Ganymede in As You Like It, or Portia going in disguise in The Merchant of Venice, there are interesting examples of gender disguise. Also, there is the separate topic of disguise in general. Characters often masquerade as someone else, hiding their true selves in order to find out secrets.

Astronomy: The Role Of The Planets and Stars

Finally, an excellent topic is the role of astronomy in Shakespeare plays. You see this in everything from Hamlet to Lear. Hamlet in particular has a wealth of critical analysis pertaining to the astronomy. It not only appears in the play over and over (see Hamlet's soliloquies about love and how he compares his love to the Stars and Sun) but it's also become apparent that famous astronomers might have even inspired the plot in some way. There is a growing line of thought that Tycho Brache (a classic astronomer) might have even been a source for the main character.

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