What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101
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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

Teach Your Class About Equestrian Sports

Joel Cruz

If you are an elementary school history teacher and you will be introducing some information to them about a variety of accomplishments that sportsmen and women have achieved with the aid of horses, assign a project that includes reading a novel or true story and presenting a book report and visual aid to the class.

Present Information About Equestrian Sports

During one of your history classes, present information about equestrian sports. Track races, hurdle and barrel jumping, and rodeos are some popular events that require horses and riders. Describe the history of each activity and the part of the world that each sporting event was initially introduced in.

Discuss the amount of training that is needed to excel at one of these sports and any investments that need to be made to participate in one of the activities. For example, a person who is interested in racing horses would obviously need a saddle, grooming supplies, harness, and training aids prior to racing their horse at a public venue. They would also benefit by seeking a sponsor who could provide them with funding.

Provide Materials And Set Aside Time For Reading

Purchase horse books that are geared toward young children. Books that contain fictional or true stories about people who have participated in equestrian sports will give the children an in-depth perspective about a particular activity and may prompt them to seek additional resources about equestrian sports.

Bring thekids' horse books to school and set the books on top of a shelf or table in your classroom. Tell the pupils about the reading assignment and project. Encourage the children to take their time looking through the books before selecting one that they would like to base their project on.

Set aside time for reading at the end of each class. Allow the children to bring the horse books home with them each afternoon as long as they agree to bring the books to class the following day. 

Instruct The Children To Prepare An Outline, Report, And Visual Aid

After your students have finished reading the books, teach them how to prepare an outline for their reports. Check each student's progress with this task to ensure that they have covered the main topics in each book.

Provide a due date for the reports and visual aids. Allow the children to paint a picture, make a sculpture, or use another art medium for the visual aid portion of the project.