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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

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What Are You Reading? Novel Creation and Publication 101

Fun Ways To Get Your Teenager Intersted In History

Joel Cruz

Face it, history can be rather dry and boring if your only exposure is through a textbook. That is why so many people who remember high school don't have the fondest memories of history class; which is a shame because history can be one of the most exciting areas to learn about. The problem is that a textbook, which is how most teenagers learn about history, is not the most engaging way to discuss the subject, nor is it the best way to make history come to life. This is one reason many teachers bring in supplemental materials (videos, presentations, etc...). So, if you are looking for a way to make the past more interesting and compelling to your teenager, here are a few ways to do it.  

Watch A Film or Miniseries Based On Historical Events

One of the coolest ways to get your teenager interested in history is to have them watch a wonderfully produced film that is based on a historical subject. There are countless examples. If they are studying European History, for instance, you could choose from Braveheart, A Bridge too Far, Downfall, or countless others. There are even great miniseries such as The Red Queen (which covers The War of the Roses) which you could watch with them. These dramatic shows can bring the history to life. Then, once the movies or television shows have piqued their interest, they will be more excited to read up on the subject at school.

Visit A Museum To See Artifacts

Another great thing to do is to visit a museum. This will let your teenagers see actual objects that were from the time period that they are studying. There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing a musket, or a canoe , or something else that was actually in the area during the time of some historic battle or event. Your teenager might read the history and see it all in the abstract. But by seeing the objects in person, it will convey to them that the events in their textbook are things that are tired to the world they currently live in.

Have Them Read A Historical Novel

Finally, if your teenager is a big reader, but they somehow find non-fiction dry and the history textbooks turn them off, you can opt for a historical novel. These novels take historical events and persons, such as an important figure like Roger Williams, and dramatize their lives and the actions of the past in a narrative that is much more compelling than a standard history textbook. These books emphasis the dramatic, while still conveying the important facts. So, take an example of someone such as Roger Williams, a reformed theologian, who led an amazing life. In a historical novel like Rekindled, your teenager will see what it is to be interested in and they will learn a lot about the past and important figures.